Women + Whiskey Ottawa
Women + Whiskey Ottawa

The Original WhiskEy Woman

Five years ago, I was slurping down oysters and drinking scotch with my dear friend Megan, deep in conversation about an idea we had been slowly developing. We were co-workers who became fast friends from chatting at the coffee machine about new restaurants we had discovered, our crazy love lives, travel adventures, fashion, and many other wild and wonderful stories that we couldn't seem to share with anyone else at the office since no one had the same interests.

We knew there must be a lot of other women out there with the same interests and attitudes that we shared about life, love and food and we wanted to find them. We pictured starting a community of these like-minded women where we could get together over a stiff drink and bond with no bullshit, no agenda, no drama, and no "networking."

That's how Women + Whiskey was founded. At the bottom of a rocks glass. 

Very sadly, Megan is no longer with us. I continue this journey in her honour with women who help carry the torch by being wild, free and bold in this world.

-Brittany Frid, Founder (right). Megan Ryan (left)

Meg Ryan